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Alyssa May, Creator

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice, HI, my name's Alyssa!  I love to learn new things, and for as long as I can remember, I have been positively bursting with creative ideas. I have always had too many hobbies and consider myself a bit of a Jack of all trades. 


I enjoy a life of balance. Left brain and right brain, intuition and logic, plus the standard yoga poses. For many years I applied my problem solving skills and outside-the-box ideas to engineering, data analytics, and project management. But after having two kids, I found I needed to break away from the hectic corporate world and dive into my deepest creative dreams.


I've always loved drawing and art, but didn't have much experience with painting. Ironically, when I pictured myself retired someday, I pictured myself painting on an easel! In 2020 as I was wrestling with my decision to leave my job, I happened to unearth some old watercolor paints from high school, never used. On a whim, I started painting the fall trees pictured here. Growing up in New England, those brilliantly colorful leaves are close to my heart. But beyond that, brushing that watery pigment across the page and going with the flow felt absolutely magical to me - I knew I had just discovered my favorite medium.

I've found that I thrive with no boundaries, a blank page, free to make my own rules. I feel dance deep in my soul. And bass guitar. You won't see all that here, yet. But I'm just getting started. I hope you'll enjoy perusing some of my artwork and writing here!

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